Études In Survival

Gerry Torres (Director, DLS-CSB Center for Campus Art) and Architect Jamie Calixto talking over Celadon Cat 02 from Études In Survival by Jose Solon Perfecto

Jose Solon Perfecto

Major Solo Exhibit

Aphro at The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, Makati City

May 4, 2023

Jose Solon Perfecto with pottery artists Joey De Castro and Pablo Capati III
Lench Villaluna, Juvy Perfecto, and Jose Solon Perfecto
Bobby Dizon with Tina Fernandez (Gallery Owner, Aphro and ArtInformal)
Tessy Pettyjohn and Jon Pettyjohn, pottery artists former teachers of Jose Solon Perfecto

8 May 2023 (MANILA, PHILIPPINES) Jose Solon Perfecto’s first major solo exhibit, Études in Survival, opened on 4 May 2023 at Aphro at The Alley, Karrivin Plaza, Makati City. The pottery show features 74 ceramic vessels that bear Solon Perfecto’s studies in functional and conceptual art.

The former director of Sugbu Chinese Heritage Museum, Augusto Castro, curated the artworks in the cascading space of Aphro to emulate the operatic theme in Solon Perfecto’s expression of pandemic isolation and artistic hermitage. Solon Perfecto’s wife and managing partner, Aussy Aportadera, served as creative director of the show.

The successful event was attended by family, friends, collectors, and fellow artists amidst down tempo beats from afternoon until night. The public is welcome to visit Aphro from Tuesday to Saturday (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) until May 31, 2023 to view the pottery art of Solon Perfecto. All works are for sale and can be viewed through the visual catalogue.

The artist wishes to acknowledge his patrons Tina Antonio, Dr. Luchi Aportadera, Sheree Chua, and Mercedes Solon for their support.

For press and commissions, contact Aussy at +63 999 881 3935 or [email protected].

For gallery inquiries and purchases, contact Aphro at +63 919 990 8679 or [email protected].

Études In Survival’s Augusto Castro (Curator), Aussy Perfecto (Creative Director), and Jose Solon Perfecto
Jose Solon Perfecto, Danni Virata, Kaisa Bautista-Ballesca, Mariel Avellana
Rex Puentespina (DJ, Transit Records)
Billy Aportadera musing over Safari’s Spoils 01 and 02
Tina Fernandez and Christine Solon Perfecto
Pottery Artists Ella Mendoza, Pablo Capati III, Jose Solon Perfecto, Joey De Castro, Marco Rosario, and Nino Hernandez
Pablo Capati III with Celadon Cat 02 (Left); Tessy Pettyjohn, Jon Pettyjohn, Jose Solon Perfecto (Right)
Josel Garriz (President, Dubricon) and Jose Solon Perfecto
Jose Solon Perfecto, Bobby Dizon, Aussy Perfecto, Billy Aportadera, Crisabelle Aportadera, Augusto Castro
Dennis Doromal, Ricky Yusay, Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy, Carlo Cajili, Gerry Torres
Augusto Castro, Aussy Perfecto, Maica Figueroa, Eunice Eloriaga
Clockwise (L to R): Jezzel Wee (Instructor, Pottery Sessions), Marco Rosario (Studio Potter), and Paulo Lozano (Instructor, Pottery Sessions); Nami Capati and Pablo Capati III; Ricky Yusay, Dennis Doromal, Gerry Torres, and Gina Gamboa; Shane Oliveiro, Jamie Calixto, Jose Solon Perfecto
Clockwise (L to R): Pablo Capati III and Martin English; Jose Solon Perfecto with Jon Pettyjohn
Augusto Castro and Antonin Laberge
Pascal Heng, Yoomie Pontonnier, and Nino Hernandez
Jamie Calixto and Rex Puentespina
Vinni Sanchez and Ayni Nuyda-Sanchez
Jose Solon Perfecto and JC Manalo
Aussy Perfecto, Carla Perfecto, Augusto Castro
After Hours: Jose Solon Perfecto with the potters
After Hours: Alana Noelle Aportadera (Event Photographer, Études In Survival) with Augusto Castro