Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture

Jose Solon Perfecto is a pottery artist that blends his own wild clay and formulates ash glazes using elements of his terroir: rice fields, trees, deposits from the mountain. He is using ancient techniques and championing cultural heritage, but his pottery has a vibe that is much informed by modern times.

Known as the Prodigal Son of Contemporary Philippine Ceramics, his first solo exhibition, “Etudes In Survival,” was on display at Aphro in Makati City for the whole month of May 2023. Besides his signature bowls and glasses, the show featured ceramic vessels created with strokes driven by a fight or flight response.

He is currently in production for commissions. Find his pieces at the Filipino restaurant, Hapag, and the coffee shop, Annex House, both in Manila. He is also working on items for Porch Coffee at the Clark Parade Grounds in Pampanga.

Follow Jose Solon Perfecto on social media to learn about his process or schedule a visit to his pottery studio in La Union.

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Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

[email protected]