NOOD New Form Art House opens with Jose Solon Perfecto’s solo exhibit, “Our Glass” (2021)

29 MAY 2021 (LA UNION, PHILIPPINES) — Jose Solon Perfecto presented a collection of malfunctionalware: a response to the entitled consumer demand for pottery and ceramics during the pandemic. In a 24-piece show, Solon Perfecto presented his signature bowls and distorted vases through NOOD New Form Art House’s first season, S01: Our Glass. The solo exhibit also stands as the inaugural show at the gallery space, on display until June 11, 2021.

Previously, Solon Perfecto showed a collection of five glasses as NOOD’s S00: A Vigil Interrupted, the abstract season of the art house’s conception. The collection of iron-rich wild clays and stoneware blend ran through an online exhibit through Instagram Stories from November 30 to December 21, 2020.

Our Glass is a play on the slow tick of time in the surftown where the artist’s studio is located. Simultaneously, it intends for the naked clay body of the pieces to become the reflection that stares back at the viewer; not a black mirror, per se, but a representation of the rawness, roughness of our abrasive projections on social media and virtual calls. Solon Perfecto juxtaposes this dysfunction with empathy, recognizing it as a symptom of human needs for connection and community.

5.29.21/ NOOD S01 Our Glass (2021)

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