Jose Solon Perfecto is a pottery artist in the Philippines. Known as the Prodigal Son of Contemporary Philippine Ceramics, his works are displayed in NOOD, a gallery and experimental kitchen by the beach in La Union, and Shop/1335 in the 1335 Mabini contemporary art space at Karrivin Alley in Metro Manila. His training in classical music, communication arts, and competitive pistol shooting are some of the influences that developed the highly-disciplined, tactile state of flow that allows him to create his signature bowls and functional ware for Filipino Table Culture.

2022 - Filipino Table Culture 00 - Shop/1335

Made for the Home: a mindful series of works that brings nostalgia, escapism, and a sense of family — however defined in modern or traditional terms — together

three vases sitting on a table in a room


Our Glass - Season 01 - NOOD

Select ceramic artworks from the most recent solo show of Jose Solon Perfecto in Ili Norte, San Juan, La Union

a plastic bottle in the water with foam on it


A Vigil Interrupted - Season 00 - NOOD

Five one-of-a-kind ceramic vessels by Jose Solon Perfecto, handmade at the start of the pandemic

Solon Perfecto Ceramics & Culture

San Juan, La Union, Philippines

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